Writer aims to dispel Mexican food misconceptions

Robin Grose, US food writer

American food writer Robin Grose is embarking on a one-woman crusade. Her goal? To educate people about Mexican food and culture.

The freelancer, who writes in Spanish for the Mexican food pages of About.com, plans to share her knowledge by teaching two courses – “Introduction to Authentic Mexican Cuisine” and “Introduction to Mexican Culture”.

Having first visited Mexico on an exchange trip in her teens, Robin found herself falling in love with the country.

She later went on to teach English as a foreign language at a college in Mexico City, where she ended up staying for over 20 years.

From English to Mexican

Talking about the transition from teaching English to educating people about Mexican culture, Robin explains, “When I was teaching English, I was teaching culture, too.  Now it’s the opposite. There’s so much history and culture that people can be exposed to”.

In her classes, which will be limited to 30 students, she plans to familiarise people with Mexican ingredients, as well as clear up people’s misconceptions about the cuisine. Many people, for example, perceive Mexican food as unhealthy because of what they’re used to eating at Mexican fast food restaurants. Others think they won’t be able to produce authentic Mexican food without having access to obscure ingredients.

Robin hopes to dispel these views through exposing her students to fresh, healthy – and readily available – ingredients: “I’ll do tastings of Mexican cheese and herbs, depending on the topic of the day. I’ll make sure that there won’t be something (ingredients) that they can’t get”.


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