Mexican food

Wahaca to bring Mexican street food to Cardiff

Not long ago, we wrote about Wahaca opening a Brixton branch, and now the expanding Mexican street food chain has set its sights on moving west – all the way to Wales. Wahaca’s Cardiff restaurant, planned to open in the city’s redeveloped St David’s shopping centre later this year, will […]

Wahaca Mexican Market Eating

Stop the press! Justin Bieber ordered a Mexican takeaway

There’s news, then there’s NEWS. And this is neither. Superstar teen-sensation-gone-all-naughty Justin Bieber has made headlines again. But don’t worry – his only misdemeanour this time was being a bit of a greedy guts. Making his way to the Coachella festival with his ‘crew’ last Sunday, Justin was gripped by […]

Justin Bieber likes Mexican food

Mexican Lime

Mexican drug cartel causing hike in lime prices

Limes are an essential ingredient in Mexican cooking, and one of Canada’s key exports. But prices have risen exponentially in recent months – Canadian supermarkets are now charging upwards of a dollar for a single lime. The reason for the hike in prices is partly down to scarcity. Canada’s lime harvest has been […]

Wahaca to open a new Mexican restaurant in Brixton?

Mexican street food success story Wahaca may soon be contributing to the regeneration of Brixton by opening another new restaurant in the area. The chain, co-owned by 2005 Masterchef winner Thomasina Miers, has already opened a further 9 branches since their flagship Mexican cantina opened in Covent Garden in August […]

Wahaca Mexican Market Eating

Robin Grose, US food writer

Writer aims to dispel Mexican food misconceptions

American food writer Robin Grose is embarking on a one-woman crusade. Her goal? To educate people about Mexican food and culture. The freelancer, who writes in Spanish for the Mexican food pages of, plans to share her knowledge by teaching two courses – “Introduction to Authentic Mexican Cuisine” and […]