Stop the press! Justin Bieber ordered a Mexican takeaway

Justin Bieber likes Mexican foodThere’s news, then there’s NEWS. And this is neither.

Superstar teen-sensation-gone-all-naughty Justin Bieber has made headlines again. But don’t worry – his only misdemeanour this time was being a bit of a greedy guts.

Making his way to the Coachella festival with his ‘crew’ last Sunday, Justin was gripped by a severe case of the munchies.

The posse swung by Mexican fast food joint Pinches Tacos on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, where Bieber dropped a cool $240 on Mexican food for him and his entourage.

According to TMZ, Bieber’s order included 13 steak tacos, eight chicken tacos, three taco plates, nine chicken tostadas, a chicken burrito and a steak burrito. Phew.

But wait – that’s not it!

Bieber’s crew also wolfed down four portions of chips and salsa, and washed it all down with 10 bottles of water and nine Mexican sodas¬†(probably for the best he swerved the tequila).

Now that’s what you call a Mextravaganza.

So as not to cause a stampede, Justin stayed put in the van while one of his cronies went and picked up the chow. But Justin picked up the bill Рand authorised a generous-ish $55 tip too.

Once the Mexican feast was on board, the party resumed their road trip to Coachella, where Bieber made a secret appearance as hype man for Chicago MC Chance the Rapper.

Oh to be Justin, just for a day.

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