MexicanFood.org.uk started life in July 2013, when Kerry Greasley, a ridiculous dreamer, vegetable enthusiast and bum, noticed how popular Mexican food was becoming in the UK.

Always one to jump on a bandwagon, she started the site with no clue what would be on it or who would visit it. But all that changed in the space of a week.

We now know exactly where we’re going. We aim to be the biggest and best resource on the web for people who are passionate about the flavours of Mexico – so good on you for getting to the party early!

What brought you here? Are you mad about mesquite? Crazy about chipotles? Or do you not know your quesadillas from your chimichangas but would like to? Either way – you’re in the right place. We know there’s not much to look at just yet, but if you keep dropping in we promise that will change (you can even bookmark us if you like).

Come and join us as we grow, and you can say you were there when it all began. There’ll be plenty to look at – and hopefully lots to learn. You might make some friends. You’ll most likely be amazed. So amazed that you’ll tell all your foodie friends to visit us too (probably!).

Thanks for visiting, we do hope to see you again soon.


Founder, Mexican Food.org.uk